About club


Yokohama frontier toast Masters club is a club of starting in July, 2008.

There is following feature.
1. The first weekday night holding club in Yokohama-shi. A club was in Tokyo-to many weekdays so far, but it wasn’t in Yokohama. It’s most suitable for a person of Yokohama duties and the person who would like to reserve a holiday for your family and other hobbies, too.

2. The first bilingual (Japanese and English) club in Yokohama-shi. Only Japanese is a regular meeting only of English on 3rd Wednesday on 1st 5th Wednesday. An element necessary to communication can be learned in spite of a language such as the construction of the speech and development of the contents in Japanese. It’s also useful for improvement of the language ability by even English’s practicing a speech using learned technology.
Only one of fellows can participate at the beginning, so “for English, a little, by threshold” “English is used in work, so, an English person is interested first.”, such as, I also respond to the needs.

3. It can be learned by feeding a mutual speech back not that there is a teacher, but between the members. It’s the feature also to tend to continue the membership fee inexpensively for non profit organization.

4. There are also a lot of chances when one between the member knows mutual a dinner after the regular meeting the learned thing is made important to which (I participate optionally.) above all, so it’s possible to feed the necessary leadership power with to learn a speech, work, make my company beyond the age and manage an event together at the same time as a member of society.