15th June #382 English Meeting 第382回英語例会


Long time no see! I’m SHIROGANE, a new Vice President Public Relations (VPPR). I will share the ambience at our meeting.
The 382nd English meeting was hybrid(online and on-site) meeting for the first time this year! There was an equal number of online attendees and on-site.
At first, we had “Table Topics” about the language of hydrangea. TM Emu showed many hydrangea pictures, gave us tough questions. If it were you, how would you answer?
Q. Who do you think heartless person?
Q. Your important person wants you to buy this paint. It’s very expensive. How do you reply?
Next, short presentation about travel. All attendees made short speech about “recommended place for travel”. Algeria, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Naoshima, Dubrovnik and Ou-san’s condominium….. Really I would like to travel there after the COVID era.
We had a lively meeting! See you at the next meeting!

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