In-house English speech contest for International speech contest was held at Feb, 21st.

Chairman TM(Toast Master) N.K made a opening speech and contest chair TM M.I explained  the contest. Also many Toast Masters supported it.

Chief Judge: TM Y.M
Timer: TM K.I and TM F.M
Vote counter: TM H.E

TM S.K , TM S.F ,  TM S.Y  and TM H.K  as contestant joined the contest and made a excellent speech!

After speeches, TM T. Y had a interview  and made us happy by unexpected questions.

Finally, result of this contest were announced.

TM H. K received 1st prize and TM S. Y received 2nd prize.

TM H.K and TM S.Y go to the Area 53 English contest.